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- Training With Natalie - 
Online Run & Strength Coaching

Working together to make you a stronger runner and achieve your running goals!


Hi, I'm Natalie
A Run & Strength Coach and ASICS FrontRunner


As a performance endurance runner myself I know what it takes to achieve goals both mentally and physically and so I know what you are going through to reach your own goals which makes me a great coach for you.

Running teaches you so much about yourself, the mind games, the resilience, the physical strength, speed and stamina - trusts me YOU have it all its just about getting training right, having your team and you will reach your goals.


Running taught me that I’m more mentally strong than I never knew I was and that these legs can run fast and take me further than I ever dreamt of going. I ran my first marathon in 2021 and came in at 3:13. In 2022  I ran London Marathon in 3:09 and April this year I ran Manchester Marathon and broke the sub 3 milestone (2:57:29!). This is just the beginning for me though. 


In May 2023 I also took on my first Ultra Marathon on the Trail - the North Downs Way 50 mile - What a challenge this was!! I ran in 9 hours 8 mins and came 5th female/48th overall. 

I just love running and testing my limits; growing as person with each race I tick off. 


I’ve been coaching for just over 6 years and I can tell you personally and from looking at my runners that there’s nothing more amazing and powerful than when you’re running feeling strong, with confidence and self belief. As a coach communication is key for me to - coaching is so much more than a plan so with us working together you will hit your goals!


Above all I want you to enjoy your running, it’s hard work but that doesn’t mean you cant enjoy it and feel the buzz that we are all chasing down at then end of day! Let’s do it!!!


  • Coach in Running Fitness

  • Leadership in Running Fitness

  • PT Level 3

Working with an online coach is the ideal way to hit your goals, someone to write your training plan (more importantly adapting it to your circumstances!), take advice from and support you every step of the way.


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What people are saying about my online run coaching

Natalie helped me with training for my first marathon and I couldn't recommend her more. She is a lovely person, very knowledgeable, and gave me confidence in my running. The tailored plans are varied and I'd always look forward to the see what the next session would involve. Not only did I become comfortable with longer distances, but I became a faster runner. Thank you Natalie! 

— Molly

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