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Level Up Your Life

6 Months Of Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset To Live Your Happiest, Healthiest Life

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Get out of your head & start smashing your health goals NOW

Let me guess: all of these thoughts have crossed your mind recently...

  • "I'm just not good at exercising"

  • "I'm never going to lose this weight"

  • "I can't stop eating unhealthy foods"

  • "If I just stop eating, I'll lose weight, right?"

  • "I'm just not cut out for a healthy lifestyle"

  • "I'll start exercising once I've bought some new gym clothes"

  • "What the HELL am I doing?!"

You are not alone! I've helped women who've faced exactly the same struggles you're facing right now - and now I'm here to help you, too!

This 6-month programme will teach you the basics of nutrition, fitness & mindset, give you the accountability you need to get started, and give you the tools to live your happiest, healthiest most fulfilled life - without the overwhelm!

Conquer the fear, overcome the challenges & smash your goals 💪

Everything you need to level up your life..

This programme, with 7 weeks of teaching and 6 months of 1:1 support and accountability, gives you everything you need to understand nutrition, fitness and mindset AND apply that understanding to making real, sustainable changes in your life.


Instead of being yet another course that you buy and do and then forget about in a week's time, Level Up Your Life will get you taking action from day one, with 6 months of accountability to help you see real changes - without the excuses.


Based on my experience coaching busy women who feel overwhelmed by the fitness and nutrition journey, and my own experiences using exercise to support my mental wellbeing, I've created a programme that really dives deep into why you're not seeing results, how you can build healthy habits into every part of your life, and what you can do to stop sabotaging your own progress.

What's in the Level Up Your Life Programme?

Over the course of 7-weeks of teaching, we'll dive DEEP into fitness, nutrition and mindset. This programme combines training plans, educational videos, nutrition plans and accountability via 6 1:1 support sessions! Over the 7-weeks, we cover:

Week One

/ Releasing Limiting Beliefs

/ Balancing Your Energy

/ Training For Fat Loss

Week Two

/ Dealing With Sabotage

/ Macros & Micros

/ Recovery & Rest

Week Three

/ Negative Consequences

/ Fat & Dietary Fat

/ Injury Prevention

Week Four

/ Handling Criticism

/ Energy For Exercise

/ HIIT & Cardio

Week Five

/ Plateau & Injury

/ Weight Loss & Gain

/ Flexibility & Stretching

Week Six

/ Cut The B.S.

/ Hydration

/ Resistance Training

Week Seven

/ Living Your Best Life

/ Meal Planning

/ Exercise Techniques

Ongoing Support

/ 6 x 1:1 30 minute sessions

/ Accountability & tailored support



Change your life in 6 months for £600 😮

This course is JAM-PACKED & will help you reach your wildest dreams - but don't just take my word for it! Here's what the women who've worked with me say...

I used to go to the gym and hate every second of it. Now, now I look forward to training and feel so much stronger. Not only have I got great results, but fitness now feels like a hobby not a chore!

Nat is friendly, fun and enthusiastic. No matter how I felt before, after each session I felt tired, happy and actually started looking forward to the next one!

I've been on and off with fitness over the years, but with Nat's help I'm now consistent and committed to a plan that works for me and I feel motivated to achieve my goals.

I can honestly say Natalie has been life changing! After 3 pregnancies, I'd lost the love of exercise - but now I love it! I love my stronger body and stronger mind.


TAKE ACTION: join the course now!

Nothing changes if you don't take the first step! Join me on this 6-month journey to Level Up Your Life NOW

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