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Hi, I'm Natalie!

I'm a Personal Trainer, Wellbeing Coach and ASICS FrontRunner.

Coaching is a hugely personal journey so here's a little bit more about me...

I'm a Personal Trainer, Wellbeing Coach and ASICS FrontRunner - but I started off as a corporate lawyer! The lawyer-lifestyle didn't provide the balance I was looking for in life. It was during my corporate career that I found fitness and the benefit it brings both mentally and physically. I left the law behind around 5 years ago to start my own personal training business. I made my marathon debut at London Marathon 2021 achieving a time of 3:13 which means I qualify for a championship place there this year! Im also a huge believer in strength work not just for running but in every day life so don't be afraid to pick up those weights - I promise you are stronger than you think!

As an Athlete myself I know what it takes to achieve goals but the more experienced I become as a PT and as an Athlete, I realise that mindset/wellbeing is just as important as fitness in achieving goals and creating balance in your life to get the most out of training and enjoying life. The mantra 'sound body, sound mind' sits at my very core and is what keeps me going through training to races and ultimately leads to a beautiful balance in life. Whilst I coach people on mindset on a daily basis, I am also nearing the end of a Psychology MSc something that I am highly passionate about and supports my client work to help them gain longevity in their training and reconnect with their self belief. 

We will work together on your mind and body to build confidence and self worth to live a healthier, fitter and enjoyable life. There are no gimmicks here, no quick fixes - but what I love is seeing how women can use fitness and mindset to quite literally transform their lives and reach their goals. Its a beautiful thing to see both body and mind work together to build confidence and self worth.

I help women just like you through 1:1 Personal Training and Wellbeing coaching.

I would love to work with you!


Natalie helped me with training for my first marathon and I couldn't recommend her more. She is a lovely person, very knowledgeable, and gave me confidence in my running. The tailored plans are varied and I'd always look forward to the see what the next session would involve. Not only did I become comfortable with longer distances, but I became a faster runner. Thank you Natalie! 

— Molly

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