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Lets Get Your Motivation Back

First of all let's remind ourselves that it's perfectly normal for motivation to come and go... its just the way it is, accept this and most, if not all, of the negativity you feel when demotivated will dissipate. Everything in life is transient and motivation just conforms with this principle. It does not mean you're on the path to hating something you once loved and motivation will come back in time (just as motivation goes it also comes back!). In the meantime though here are eight ways to reignite the motivation in you.

Natalie Bunce ASICS FrontRunner Running in nature
Running to the trails to mix up my usual running routes on the road - photo by Celina Hanson

Change your running route - the mind can get bored with the running the same routes over and over again. The scenery is the same and we stop noticing all the beauty around us. Find new routes or try different terrain and the revisit your old route when you've got your mojo back and it will look different.

Sign up to a running event - having a goal or event to attend gives you something to aim for, enjoy the challenge and soak up the atmosphere when you're there. The crowds and other runners can really spur you on and create the buzz racing gives you. The finish line feels is enough to kick start your motivation ready for another training block

Try something new - try different running sessions, strength & conditioning, go to a yoga or pilates class. Adding something new to your training routine can break the repetitive cycle you've stumbled across and bring interest back in to your training.

Listen to a new podcast or create a new playlist - a little distraction whilst demotivated never hurt! I often listen to podcasts - I always opt for comedy as I end up laughing whilst running which makes me feel great. There's been many of times I've had to stop and keel over laughing (no matter how weird I look to others who see me).

Run with a friend - chatting to a friend on an easy run or even training hard together can really keep you going.

ASICS FrontRunner running with friends
Running with friends in Derbyshire - motivation, chats, laughs and a whole lot of views

Invest in a Coach - someone who can mix up your training, someone who will cheer you on and keep you going. Regular catch up calls with your Coach can really help to keep you going. Catching up with my clients is a priority of mine - it's a great way to get to know each other and it's your time where we talk about you and your training to get the most out of you over the next couple of weeks

Remind yourself of the benefits of training - feeling stronger and fitter, improved bone health, improved cardiovascular health, improved sleep, better mood... all of these outweigh the act of not training. If i'm honest most of the time this is enough to get me out of the door. Knowing the after effects of a run motivates me on the day - does that mean its kickstarted motivation for a longer period? Probably not, but the more I remind myself of the benefits the more i'm distracting the mind of the thought of boredom.

Remember your Why? Why did you start training? There hasn't been one person I've come across that doesn't have their own personal reason for training. Remembers yours. See the bigger picture not just a day/week of demotivation. Sometimes if we can step back and be aware of everything else, lack of motivation doesn't seem as daunting and you may even realise that you don't feel as demotivated as before.

Just picking one of this can reignite the motivation flame. If its proving difficult then remember that motivation ebbs and flows, therefore if it's currently ebbing it WILL flow again. It's inevitable.

I train a variety of runners - it doesn't matter of your experience level together we can get you running longer, faster, stronger. Drop me a message either on my instagram or website and lets chat.


ASICS FrontRunner Brighton Marathon Weekend
ASICS FrontRunner Brighton Marathon Weekend. Photo - Pete Stables

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