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Danielle Slater

Ive been training with Nat for about 4 years now and signed up for my first Half Marathon last year. Natalie was instrumental in my race prep, providing me with a plan that focused on speed as well as stamina and strength

She was there on WhatApp and Video Calls to motivate me and build me up when things got tough.


Im running another Half Marathon this year and again will be relying on Nat to help me secure another PB and get around the course feeling strong.


Ally Emery

I have been working with Natalie for almost a year and I can honestly say that my running and overall fitness has improved more during this time thn it has my whole life! Not only has Natalie helped me shave almost an hour from marathon PB with a fun, varied and flexible training plan but she has also helped me build confidence as a runner which is something I have always struggled with.

Her knowlege support and unwavering enthusiasm is just amazing. I cant recommend Natalie enough


Chloe Brooks

I'm not sure if I can express just how valuable Natalie is but I can honestly say, for me, she has been life changing!I’d always felt sportyish, I like trying out new and different exercises but after 3 children (pregnancies with significant weight gains), I’d lost the love, commitment and appreciation of exercise. I’d started running and doing classes at the gym to keep fit but, I’m not a gym goer and my life doesn’t allow that anyway!Natalie has tailored my sessions perfectly to suit me, she has listened and has understood my life demands (full time work, 3 kids, puppy, etc). Not only is she unfazed by the madness of my house during our weekly sessions (she even helps stop my 3 year old and puppy climbing all over me), she allows me to vent and release my moans without judgement.....just empathy and humour.She has patience, is supportive, responsive and because of this I am always committed to my plan. I love it! I recognise my body shape has changed (much less wobbly bits) and I am stronger....physically and mentally and I really do have Natalie to thank for that. I can’t recommend her enough....she’ll change your life


Anna Whall

I found Natalie after feeling like Iwas losing motivation and not seeing much improvement. Not only has Natalie helped my running improve in leaps and bounds, her coaching has also improved my mental wellbeing, happiness and has been a stability in an uncertain time of life

It has been amazing to have a supportive coach who is flexible and adapts programming to coincide with life's challenges. I could have a bad day have a bad run and still see progress and improvements in the long term.


I am extremely happy with the improvements I have made.

My strength training now compliments my running and is a really manageable amount for me to fit into my busy week. I love having the pace and time targets that Natalie provides as they really help me push. She even works to personalise my running club sessions to my paces and to fit my marathon training - something which I hugely appreciate as I love my running club!

I would not hesitate to recommend Natalie to absolutely transform your running and your mindset, whether it's just to help generally structure your running better or to train for a specific event, she can do it all!



Natalie helped me with training for my first marathon and I couldn't recommend her more. She is a lovely person, very knowledgeable, and gave me confidence in my running. The tailored plans are varied and I'd always look forward to the see what the next session would involve. Not only did I become comfortable with longer distances, but I became a faster runner. Thank you Natalie! 


Harriet Pulford

I never realised how strong I could become or how much my fitness could improve until I started training with Natalie. I was a casual runner who was interested in doing some strength work, and the program that Natalie has designed for me means I have more energy, feel strong and physically confident and can run distance really regularly. Natalie is an excellent motivator, confidante and mentor. Her expertise means she is able to adapt your plan to keep you feeling driven. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to look and feel their best!


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